Value to Customers

Customers in SME space have separate systems for managing their Voice Network (traditionally PSTN centric), Data (Switches & Router) & Server. They largely encounter difficulty in managing multiple boxes due to lack of dedicated resources & infrastructure, absence of real time support from solution providers or OEMs, lack of scalability features in their existing solutions, high cost of changeover to the new technology (VoIP centric solutions) which has minimum or no support for legacy systems, etc. Si3D’s system solution architecture is built around our patented line cards Modules (FXS, FXO, PRI, GSM, LAN, Wi-Fi & soon ADSL2+ DSLAM, 1/10 Gbps Security UTM Gateway and DSP (Echo cancellation, Transcoder) System in Package (SiP) modules in a scalable PCIe architecture, built around Intel-AMD/ Linux environment. This can support SME of 50 - 2000 in a scalable manner, replacing and/or co- existing with legacy at an extremely competitive per user cost. The SW and drivers are home grown but eventually supports an "Open Source" environment where a plethora of applications already exists like Asterisk, Google Apps, and CRM solutions.