Engineered for Scalability & Value

Our unique & modular System-in-Package (SiP) based solution is the underlying hardware technology driving the scalability of the product in terms of no. of Telephony & Network users. All these modules are mounted on PCIe line cards, which are inserted in the multiple slots available in the system board that will scale up the no. of voice ports for the user as their business grows. The systems offered by Si3D come with built-in Router functionality that allows the user to connect to internet. The no. of users connected to Internet depends on the capacity of the CPU, which is also scalable and depends on the solution chosen by the user based on their requirement. The product soon will support an integrated Gateway Security & Threat Management Module. The user can also choose the system based on the class of processor used with appropriate storage (HDD with RAID support) for running their various applications according to the needs of their network which makes the system function as a Server. The above gives an insight on how we can move up the value chain depending on the customer usage pattern. Si3D can scale up its business based on the growth in the no. of users per customer by allowing them to buy additional line cards / modules & also upgrading their other system resources like Advanced Router, Increase in the no. of Data users (subject to CPU / Storage) & Addition of Telephony ports through attached systems like Si3D’s BalancedBank, GSM Gateway, etc.