Si3D System Solutions integrate diverse applications and functions like VoIP Codecs, Networking, UTM & a variety of user applications through a combination of Hardware Accelerators, Porting & Virtualization for delivering optimal performance. The systems support various home grown & third party applications in the area of, but not limited to Cloud Management, Security Filters, Google Enterprise / Google Talk, Skype, Oracle & Customer Specific CRM & Apps, Windows Applications, etc.  











In a typical Office application scenario, Si3D's "Office-in-a-Box" performs the functions of an Application Gateway separating the external world (Service side) from the internal world (Office / User side). The application layer in the box acts as a conduit to interface with various custom & third-party applications available in the external Cloud through the standard API's. It also connects with all known devices in the office environment through its communication interfaces, which makes it a perfect bridge (Applications Gateway) between the plethora of applications available to the user & the available end user devices as illustrated below.   





















Si3D is working with various 3rd party applications developers for porting their applications in Si3D's System Solutions and support the following key business verticals. The developer or the application vendor takes resonsibility for the final application that is being ported or hosted from the Si3D box for the intended configuration based on the end user requirement. Si3D will ensure that the hardware and the supporting platform / OS will run seamlessly to deliver the best user experience for our customers.