About Si3D

Si3D Systems (Si3D) offers a family of Converged Enterprise Communication Systems called “Office-in-a-Box” which is an integrated Phone Exchange, Router, Applications Gateway Server with built-in Security, all in one plug-n-play solution. The integrated system comes configured with application interfaces depending on the business verticals and cloud support. Si3D is located in Bangalore & San Jose.


Enable SMEs & ISPs to simplify, value-add & cost-reduce their Communications & Applications infrastructure.


Family of Digital + Analog Telephony Cards & Converged SMB / ISP Systems

  • Telephony Cards: PCI/PCIe Line Cards with Asterisk & PRI (E1/T1), FXS, FXO, GSM interfaces
  • Office-in-a-Box: Converged VoIP/PSTN Gateway, Exchange, Router / UTM & Apps Server
  • Last Mile Box: ISP delivery system for voice & data services


Delivering Value

  • Deliver optimal performance by integrating diverse applications (VoIP Codecs, routing, UTM & user apps) through a combination of HW accelerators, porting and virtualization
  • Modular architecture scaling with customer growth
  • Open source platform allowing access to large application base with cloud / online support

Impact on Cost & Size

  • H/W design leverages patented SiP (System-in-Package) technology achieving significant cost & footprint advantage

The system architecture is built around our patented System-in-Package (SiP) Functional Modules (FXS, FXO, PRI, GSM, LAN, Wi-Fi & soon ADSL2+) and DSP (Echo Cancellation, Transcoder) in a scalable PCIe architecture, built around Intel-AMD/Linux environment. This can support SME of 50 to 2,000 users in a scalable manner, replacing and/or co-existing with legacy at an extremely competitive per user cost. The SW and drivers are home grown but eventually supports an "Open Source" environment where a plethora of applications already exists like Asterisk, Google Apps, and CRM solutions for various verticals. We partner with 3rd party Apps vendors for vertical support.

Si3D has several innovations in the area of MIMO antenna implementation, Multi-Radio and Embedded RF SiP designs, Thermal Management, Achieving Design Compaction, Scalability and Re-configurable SiP implementation, etc. on the hardware module designs. Some of the patentable innovations in the software architecture include Method to transact variable length SPI commands over SPI (TDM) Bus, Multiplexing PCM signaling & configurations streams over IP, PCIe WAN card architecture with integrated Security & UTM, etc.


The company, led by Arya Bhattacherjee, who is the founder & CEO, is backed by a team of highly experienced engineers who have served in senior management roles in global companies with a combined experience of more than 150 man-years in the area of VLSI design, Telecom & RF Systems having worked in companies like Arcus/Cypress, Nortel, Lucent/Alcatel, TranSwitch/Centillium, AT&T, IDT, Intel, Motorola, Marconi, ADC, DRDO/LRDE, etc.