Digital or Hybrid Card

Si3D’s QC65xx series PCI/PCIe cards are high-performance, cost effective, Digital / Hybrid telephony cards which support PRI (T1/E1/J1). The environments are selectable on a per-card or perport basis. This feature enables signaling translation between T1/J1 and E1 equipment, and allows inexpensive T1/J1 channel banks to connect with E1 circuits. The bus-mastering cards improve I/O speed over slave-only architectures, resulting in reduced CPU usage and increased card density per server. The cards provide the power to interconnect traditional telephony systems with emerging Voice-over IP (VoIP) technologies.

The Digital / Hybrid cards support industry standard telephony protocols, including Primary Rate ISDN (both N. American and Euro Standard) protocol families. Both line-side, trunk-side interfaces along with advanced call features are supported. The cards have been designed to be fully compatible with existing software applications. They are fully compliant with the open source Asterisk® software. With the combination of Si3D hardware and Asterisk software, numerous telephony configurations are possible. From the traditional PBX to VoIP Gateways, Si3D’s solutions are paving the way for a new generation of worldwide communications.

Digital / Hybrid Cards

1 Port PRI + 4 FXO + 4 FXS PCI Card with Hardware EC








   1 port PRI + 4 FXO + 4 FXS PCIe Card with Hardware EC







                1 port PRI + 4 FXO PCIe Card (Half-length) with Hardware EC







                1 port PRI PCIe Card (Half-length) with Hardware EC

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