Last Mile Box

The QSL600N is an integrated Applications Gateway designed for Last Mile ISP who wants to offer “Office-in-a-Box” functionality that includes IP-PBX, Server & Router along with last mile connectivity services like Broadband over ADSL2+, Data (10/100) & VoIP (SIP) in the same box. The system is ideally located in the basement of multi-dwelling units / residential apartment complex and delivers the services to each household connected by CAT5e cables with active Ethernet link. The input to the system is a 1G fiber link terminated from the CO (Central Office) of the Service Provider offering Broadband Internet Access, Internet Telephony & IPTV Services.


The QSL600N is a configurable and scalable system that can support up to 25-200 concurrent calls, either VoIP or PSTN. The number of users can scale from 100 to 1,000 through our proprietary load-balanced FXS Port Extender “BalancedBank™” (QSB100N) which connects and extends QSL600N through Ethernet ports. The QSL600N supports all IP-PBX functions along with basic or advanced Networking functions with WAN fallback. The system has dual HDD with RAID for advanced storage with support for multiple Cloud environments.


The QSL600N is built around a range of Intel Platforms (i5, i7 Dual-Core or Xeon CPUs) based on the network demand with Si3D’s proprietary line cards and DSP modules running Asterisk™ Unified Communication Platform with Elastix™ supporting a wide array of customer preferences.


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