Telephony Card

Si3D Systems' Telephony Cards offer a complete line of low cost PCIe/PCI Asterisk cards which support Analog (FXS/FXO) and T1/E1 channels and mixed mode Hybrid interfaces. Using one of our analog cards in concert with Asterisk® software, standard PC platforms, and the Linux® OS, one can create telephony systems capable of satisfying the needs of business applications with industry-leading quality.These analog cards, with interchangeable dual-port FXS and FXO modules, can eliminate the requirement for separate Channel Banks or Access Gateways.


Si3D Telephony cards are supported with optional hardware Echo Cancellation module which supports 128ms taps per channel.


Our Analog/Digital/Hybrid Card drivers are tested on major GNU Linux distributions and are compatible with kernels from 2.4 onwards.

Si3D's Telephony Cards at a glance:

Sl. No. PRI FXS FXO GSM EC Card Type & Size
1 1       Y PCI / PCIe HL
2 1 2     Y PCI / PCIe HL
3 1 4     Y PCI / PCIe HL
4 1 6     Y PCI / PCIe HL
5 1 8     Y PCI / PCIe FL
6 1   2   Y PCI / PCIe HL
7 1   4   Y PCI / PCIe HL
8 1   6   Y PCI / PCIe HL
9 1   8   Y PCI / PCIe FL
10 2       Y PCI / PCIe HL
11 4       Y PCI / PCIe HL
12       4 Y PCI / PCIe HL
13       8 Y PCI / PCIe HL
14   4 4   Y PCI / PCIe HL
15   8     Y PCI / PCIe HL
16     8   Y PCI / PCIe HL
17   12 4   Y PCI / PCIe FL
18   16     Y PCI / PCIe FL
19     16   Y PCI / PCIe FL
HL Half Length        
FL Full Length        

Analog Card

Si3D’s QC66xx family of Analog Telephony Cards connect analog telephones and analog POTS lines through a PC. Using one of our Analog Cards in concer
Analog Card

Digital or Hybrid Card

Si3D’s QC65xx series PCI/PCIe cards are high-performance, cost effective, Digital / Hybrid telephony cards which support PRI (T1/E1/J1). The environments are selectable on a per-card or perport basis. This feature enables signaling trans
Digital or Hybrid Card

GSM Card

Coming soon...

GSM Card